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Deciding on Your Wedding Venue


So you have found your bride or groom, got an idea of the guest list and thought about what little touches matter the most to you as a couple. Now that your wedding planning is in full swing and you have taken into account those little extra costs that you need to include in your budget it’s time to take the plunge and commit to a location and venue. There will be a gaping hole in your wedding budget just waiting to be filled by the cost of your wedding venue, and usually it is where most of your money is spent.

Choosing your wedding location and wedding reception venue is an exciting, and perhaps daunting time. Your wedding is actually happening...things just got real people! But the best thing about locking down the location and place is that all the other bits like decoration, style and entertainment will fall into place once you find your ideal wedding venue. Plus who doesn't like being wined and dined when you go round visiting potential wedding reception venues!

More often than not you will just know that your wedding venue is right for you. Call it intuition, gut feeling or that special vibe you get from the place, but there are some helpful things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding location.

Home or away?

Do you imagine yourself saying ‘I do’ in a tropical paradise? Or on the top of a building in a city like New York? If you are planning on holding your wedding overseas or in a different location in New Zealand then you will have do your research and be prepared to organise most things online or over the phone.

Most wedding venues overseas have experienced wedding organisers to help you manage the big day and you will find lots of reviews of popular overseas wedding venues, like Pacific Island resorts, online. There is an additional layer of stress with an overseas wedding, mostly to do with travel arrangements and costs, but it can be a great way to have a small intimate wedding and a honeymoon at the same time!

A room with a view


Whether there is a natural view of the city skyline or beach, or you have some lighting or artwork added to the backdrop of your space, your wedding venue view should add impact and style. It will make for some great photos as well. 

Not too cozy

It sounds obvious but make sure your chosen wedding venue has enough room for all your guests. It make look large when it’s empty but imagine it with tables & chairs, a bar, food area, dance floor, DJ booth etc, but the amount of space certainly decreases when all the essentials are included in the mix.

If you have your heart set on an intimate venue but you have 300 people on your guest list then you'll have to be ruthless and start culling!

Some of the other key things to think about when choosing wedding venues in Wellington are:

Privacy - getting married at a public spot like the beach means there is the potential for strangers to wander past during your ceremony or even come over to congratulate you so just think about whether this would bother you or not.

Good acoustics and lighting- these make a huge difference. Try visiting your potential venue at a different time of the day to see what can be achieved with the lighting.

Good access- your guests will need places to park their cars or if the venue is remote access you many need to provide transport to and from the venue.

For those couples wanting to find a wedding venue in Wellington just search online for ‘wedding reception venue Wellington’ and Te Papa Venues will be at the top of your list. Te Papa Venues offer tailored wedding packages that provide the perfect setting for you and your wedding party. With both indoor and outdoor wedding locations to choose from, you can have the wedding of your dreams at Te Papa Venues; one of Wellington’s most unique wedding venues.

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